Fun Math Coloring Worksheets for Grade 2

July 27, 2016

1. Addition with regrouping

addition with regrouping

Includes addition of two and three digit numbers, with regrouping. Kids can uncover pictures of a dog, frog, jellyfish, owl and hippo.


2. Addition without regrouping

addition without regrouping

You let the students perform addition of two and three digit numbers, with no regrouping. If answered and colored correctly, they can see pictures of airplane, helicopter, rocket, sailboat and bicycle.


3. Adding 3 to 4 numbers

adding 3 to 4 numbers

The sets include adding three two digit numbers and four two digit numbers. The pictures in the coloring worksheets include banana, carrot, watermelon, orange and strawberry.


4. Arrays


There are types of activity in this packet. One needs the kids to write the addition sentence for each given array. The other requires them to skip count to find the total items in each array. The pictures to be uncovered are bib overall, jacket, pants, sneakers and ties.


5. Addition word problems

addition word problems

These are one-step addition word problems within 100 and 1,000. The images in the coloring worksheets are soccer ball and goal, tennis racket and ball, trophies, unicycle and volleyball.


6. Subtraction with regrouping

subtraction with regrouping

These are coloring worksheets involving subtraction with regrouping of two and three digit numbers. The mystery pictures are sheep, kangaroo, whale, zebra and spider.


7. Subtraction without regrouping

subtraction without regrouping

Subtract two and three digit numbers (with no regrouping). Students can uncover a burger, cake, fries, milk or soda.


8. Subtraction word problems

subtraction word problems

These are one-step subtraction word problems, with separate sets for subtraction within 100 and 1,000. The coloring worksheets include images of a girl, boy on a skateboard, a superhero, swimmer and a pirate.


9. Two-step word problems

two step word problems

These word problems include addition and subtraction operations. If answered and colored right, students can reveal a giraffe, panda, dog, lion and a rabbit.


10. Place Value Basics

place value blocks

There are five types of activities in this packet including counting the hundreds, tens and ones, matching columns, identifying the place value and value of the underlined digit, skip counting and comparing numbers. The images to be uncovered are pictures of boys and girls.


11. Number Names

number names

Kids are asked to write the base ten numeral of the given number names, choose the correct answer, and match two columns to solve pictures of a cake, milkshake, cookies, donut and pizza.


12. Expanded Form

expanded form

This include three activities: matching two columns, choosing the letter of the correct answer, and writing the base ten form given the expanded form. The coloring worksheets include images of a raccoon, scorpion, seahorse, cow and crocodile.


13. Measuring Length

measuring length

Students need to find the length of arrows (in cm or inches), and choosing the best unit or estimate for each given object. Images to be colored include cherries, corn, eggplant, jalapeno/chili and tomato.


14. Length Word Problems

length word problems

This includes addition and subtraction word problems involving length or distance. These math coloring worksheets include pictures of monsters.


15. Telling Time

telling time

There are multiple activities related to telling time in this product such as: Writing the time shown on each clock, match the columns, drawing and writing the time, and choosing the right clock for each given time in words.


16. Money Word Problems


This packet includes activities such as ‘If you have... How many cents/dollars do you have?’, Yes or No Word problems (ex. Does person A have enough money to buy?), and money word problems. The mystery pictures to be colored are castle, dragon, a king, knight and shield.


17. Interpreting Data - Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs

picture and bar graph

These are activities on interpreting data shown on bar and picture graphs. If answered correctly, your students can solve pictures of a baseball player, basketball player, a boy, a girl on a scooter and a boy dancing.


18. Shapes


This include Identifying 2D and 3D Shapes, Drawing the described shapes, Partitioning the rectangles and Counting the rows, columns and small squares. The coloring pages include pictures of a caterpillar, dragonfly, koala, wolf, and monkey.


19. Fractions


Activities include identifying the figure that matches the described share, matching two columns, writing fractions, and multiple choice type of test. The mystery pictures in this packet are: crystal ball, magic hat and bunny, magic potion, magician, spell book.


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