Fun Math Coloring Worksheets for Grade 3

July 27, 2016

1. Addition and Subtraction

Grade 3 Math: Addition and Subtraction

There are two versions of coloring worksheets in this product – a) single page where the problems and the coloring squares are in the same worksheets, and b) separate questionnaire and coloring page. The operations include addition and subtraction within 1,000. If your students answered all problems right, they will uncover captain hook, a girl pirate, letter in a bottle, lifesaver, a pirate, treasure chest and a treasure map.


2. Multiplication

Grade 3 Math: Multiplication

The activities included in this packet are finding the product or missing factor and observing grouped objects to perform multiplication. The hidden picture in the coloring sheets are animals – deer, duckling, pony, rabbit, seal, snail, and squid.


3. Properties of Multiplication

Grade 3 Math: Properties of Multiplication

These are worksheets to help your students understand the associative, commutative and distribute property of multiplication. The mystery pictures to be uncovered are bread, chicken leg, grapes, milkshake, onion and pineapple.


4. Division

Grade 3 Math: Division

The activities in this division packet include dividing objects into groups, finding the quotient, or missing dividend or divisor, and fill-in the blanks. After answering the division problems correctly and coloring the pages, your kids should see a bow, baseball cap, dress, jacket, red, shoes, a shirt and a yellow hat.


5. Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Grade 3 Math: Multiplication and Division Word Problems

This is a compilation of multiplication and division word problems. Your students will feel motivated to answer the word problems in order for them to solve the mystery pictures. The images to be solved are animals such as a fly, fox, lion, moose, mouse, octopus and a shark.


6. Two Step Word Problems

Grade 3 Math: Two Step Word Problems

These are two-step word problems involving multiplication or division, and addition or subtraction. There are 7 sets included in the packet, with each set having a different pairing of the operations (ex. division and addition). The mystery pictures hidden in the coloring worksheets are animals – bear, cat, cow, elephant, koala, penguin and tiger.


7. Rounding Numbers

Grade 3 Math: Rounding Numbers

There are three sets in this packet, including rounding to the nearest 10, nearest 100, and nearest tens or hundreds. The mystery pictures to be solved are boots, fence, toadstool/mushroom, plant seeds, shovel and tree.


8. Equivalent Fractions

Grade 3 Math: Equivalent Fractions

The activities in this product are writing the missing equivalent fractions, shading and writing the equivalent fraction, using the number line to find the equivalent fraction, and comparing two fractions. The pictures to be uncovered are baseball bat and ball, bicycle, bowling ball and pins, tennis player, football ball, and a boy on a bicycle


9. Fraction of a Whole

Grade 3 Math: Fraction of a Whole

This product has six sets that includes activities like identifying the fraction of the shaded part, choosing the image that represents the fraction, and matching columns. After coloring the pages, your students should be able to discover the hidden animals, such as chick, firefly, grasshopper, tiger, turtle and giraffe.


10. Fraction on a Number Line

Grade 3 Math: Fraction on a Number Line

This six-set packet include activities like identifying the fraction marked on the number line, finding the location of the fraction on the number line, and matching two columns. The picture hidden in the coloring pages are birdhouse, bucket, gardening fork, gnome, hat and wheelbarrow.


11. Time Word Problems

Grade 3 Math: Time Word Problems

These are word problems on addition or subtraction of time. Some of the sets include a clock to help the students visualize the time. After answering the problems and coloring the worksheets, your kids should solve pictures of a bus, car, scoter, balloon, train, truck and space shuttle.


12. Volume and Mass Word Problems

Grade 3 Math: Volume and Mass Word Problems

These volume and mass word problems includes all four operations. There are six sets in this product, each with different combination of operations. This is a pirate-themed packet, so your kids can uncover pictures of an anchor, an island, a parrot, a pirate, a ship and a pirate skull.


13. Picture Graph and Bar Graph

Grade 3 Math: Picture Graph and Bar Graph

This is a collection of four picture graphs and three bar graphs. Several questions are asked about the data shown on each graph. If your students answer them correctly, they can solve pictures of a teddy bear, girl, pirate, watering can, ice cream, baseball bat, and hotdog on a bun.


14. Perimeter

Grade 3 Math: Perimeter

This product has six sets, including activities such as finding the perimeter of the shapes, solving for the unknown side length, finding the perimeter of the rooms given the floor layout, and perimeter word problems. The pictures hidden in the coloring pages are ballerina, baseball player, boy waving hands, boy on a bicycle, a pirate, and a superhero.


15. Area

Grade 3 Math: Area

These coloring worksheets on area includes activities such as finding the area by counting the squares, finding the area of rectangles, finding the area of the rooms, using distributive property to find the area of rectangles, solving for the total area, and solving area word problems. Your kids would be excited to answer the problems in order to solve the hidden pictures like an archer, boy on a scooter, boy with a red hat, a little girl, karate kid, superhero, and a swimmer.


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