Fun Multiplication Coloring Worksheets


3rd Grade Multiplication

3rd Grade Multiplication Cover3rd grade multiplication coloring worksheets

The activities included in this packet are finding the product or missing factor and observing grouped objects to perform multiplication. The hidden picture in the coloring sheets are animals – deer, duckling, pony, rabbit, seal, snail, and squid.

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4th Grade Multiplication

4th Grade Multiplication Cover4th grade multiplication coloring worksheets

These coloring worksheets include multiplication of 2-4 digit numbers by a 1-digit number. The numbers are written in base-ten and word form (number names). Your students can uncover a farmer and a knight with this activity.

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4th Grade Multiplication Word Problems

4th Grade Multiplication Word Problems Cover4th grade multiplication word problems coloring worksheets

These are multiplication word problems involving multiplicative comparison, 2-4 digit by 1-digit and 2-digits by 2-digit multiplication. The mystery pictures include a king, a knight, and a queen.

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