Math Worksheets

3rd Grade Addition and Subtraction Mystery Pictures Coloring Worksheets

These are mystery picture coloring worksheets for 3rd graders on performing addition and subtraction within 1000. Students would need to answer the addition and subtraction questionnaire, and then color the squares to discover the mystery picture.

This is a no-prep packet -- meaning you just have to print, and you're ready to go! It's perfect for math centers, homework, or practice.

What You'll Get

You will receive a downloadable file that you can readily print. It is divided into sets, with each set having a questionnaire, a coloring page, and an answer key.

The sets included in this product are:

Sets 1 and 2: Addition within 1000 (single page)
Sets 3 and 4: Addition within 1000 (separate coloring page)
Sets 5 and 6: Subtraction within 1000 (single page)
Sets 7 and 8: Subtraction within 1000 (separate coloring page)

If your kids answered the addition and subtraction problems correctly, they should be able to uncover these mystery pictures. 

  1. Captain Hook
  2. Compass
  3. Girl Pirate
  4. Letter in a Bottle
  5. Lifesaver
  6. Pirate 
  7. Treasure Chest
  8. Treasure Map

This is part of the All 3rd Grade Math Mystery Pictures bundle, which include word problems, multiplication, and other topics.