Multiplication And Division Word Problems

4th Grade Multiplication Mystery Pictures Coloring Worksheets / Task Cards Bundle

This is a bundle of our two multiplication mystery picture coloring activities for 4th grade. 

The bundle includes both the task cards and ready-to-use worksheets. Just choose the medium that best fits your style of teaching. 

What You'll Get

    You will receive all printable files. In all, there are 5 sets in all in this bundle -- with each set having a worksheet, 8 cards, two versions of answer/coloring sheet, and the answer key.

    To create variation, you may use different medium and coloring sheet for each set. Example: Set 1, you may print the worksheets. For set 2, you may choose task cards, and so on.

    1. Multiplying Numbers

    Set 1: Multiplying 2-4 digits x 1 digit
    Mystery Picture: FARMER

    Set 2: Multiplying 2-4 digits x 1 digit in Word Form (Number Names)
    Mystery Picture - KNIGHT

    2. Multiplication Word Problems

    Set 1: Multiplicative Comparison Word Problems
    Mystery Picture: KING

    Set 2: 2-3 digits x 1 digit Multiplication
    Mystery Picture - KNIGHT'S FACE

    Set 3: 3-4 digits x 1 digit and 2 digits x 2 digits Multiplication
    Mystery Picture - QUEEN

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