Telling Time Worksheets

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Enjoy these worksheets to help you teach telling time. This is a no-prep packet, meaning you just have to print and you're ready to go.

What You'll Get

You will receive a printable file with multiple activities. All the worksheets come with a corresponding answer key. The activities included in this packet are as follows: 

1) Day and Night Activities

  • Choose the period of the day that matches the picture
  • Is it Day or Is it Night? (Encircle answer)
  • Day, Night or Both?
  • Fill in the blanks. Write the time of the day.
  • Draw an activity during the day and night (Perfect for interactive notebooks)

2) Match the Columns

  • Draw a line to connect the clock to the correct time
  • Draw a line to connect the time to the correct clock

3) Draw the Clock

  • Draw the hour and the minute hands to illustrate the time.
  • Draw the minute hand to illustrate the time.

4) Multiple Choices

  • Choose the letter of the time that matches the clock.
  • Choose the letter of the image that matches the time

5) What time is it? Write your answers in the space provided.

  • Time to the hour
  • Time to the half hour
  • Time in words (ie. quarter to six)

6) Elapsed Time

  • Nearest hour
  • Nearest half hour

7) Create your Clock!

  • Parts of the clock
  • Cut and paste activity (time to the hour, time to the half hour)

More Images of Time Worksheets

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time worksheets - match the columnsMatch the clock and time worksheets
time worksheets - choose the right imageChoose the correct clock given the time
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time worksheets in wordsWrite the time given the words
time worksheets clockParts of the clock worksheet


Grade Level: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Type of Resource: Worksheets
Subject/Topic: Measurement, Time, Telling Time, Time To The Half Hour, Time To The Hour
File type:  PDF
No. of pages: 40 pages

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