3rd Grade Two Step Word Problems Mystery Pictures Coloring Worksheets

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Let your 3rd-grade kids have fun answering two-step word problems with these coloring activity worksheets. It includes problems using the four operations. 

This is a no-prep ready-to-use packet -- just print and you're all set.

To use, have your kids work on all the two-step problems. Then, they match their answers to a letter in order to color the squares. They will be motivated to answer the word problems as they would be eager to uncover the mystery pictures. 

What You'll Get

You will receive a printable file. It is divided into 7 sets, with each set having a questionnaire, a coloring page, and the answer key.

The sets included the following two-step word problems:

Set 1: Multiplication and Addition
Set 2: Multiplication and Subtraction
Set 3: Multiplication and Addition / Subtraction
Set 4: Division and addition
Set 5: Division and Subtraction
Set 6: Division and Addition / Subtraction
Set 7: Multiplication / Division and Addition / Subtraction

If the word problems are answered correctly, your kids will uncover the following mystery pictures:

  1. Bear
  2. Cat
  3. Cow
  4. Elephant
  5. Koala
  6. Penguin
  7. Tiger

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Grade Level: Grade 3
Type of Resource: Activities, Coloring Pages, Coloring Worksheets, Mystery Pictures, Word Problems, Worksheets
Subject/Topic: Addition, Division, Measurement, Multiplication, Subtraction, Multi Step Word Problem, Two Step Word Problem
File type:  PDF
No. of pages: 25 pages

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