Fun Place Value Coloring Worksheets

July 27, 2016


2nd Grade Place Value Expanded Form

2nd Grade Place Value Expanded Form Cover2nd grade place value expanded form coloring worksheets

This include three activities: matching two columns, choosing the letter of the correct answer, and writing the base ten form given the expanded form. The coloring worksheets include images of a raccoon, scorpion, seahorse, cow and crocodile.


2nd Grade Place Value Fundamentals

2nd Grade Place Value Fundamentals Cover2nd grade place value fundamentals coloring worksheets

There are five types of activities in this packet including counting the hundreds, tens and ones, matching columns, identifying the place value and value of the underlined digit, skip counting and comparing numbers. The images to be uncovered are pictures of boys and girls.



2nd Grade Number Names

2nd Grade Number Names Cover2nd grade number names coloring worksheets

Kids are asked to write the base ten numeral of the given number names, choose the correct answer, and match two columns to solve pictures of a cake, milkshake, cookies, donut and pizza.

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