Time Coloring Worksheets

July 27, 2016

2nd Grade Telling Time

2nd Grade Telling Time Cover2nd grade telling time coloring worksheets

There are multiple activities related to telling time in this product such as: Writing the time shown on each clock, match the columns, drawing and writing the time, and choosing the right clock for each given time in words.

3rd Grade Time Word Problems

3rd Grade Time Word Problems Cover3rd grade time word problems coloring worksheets

These are word problems on addition or subtraction of time. Some of the sets include a clock to help the students visualize the time. After answering the problems and coloring the worksheets, your kids should solve pictures of a bus, car, scoter, balloon, train, truck and space shuttle.

4th Grade Time Word Problems Mystery Pictures

4th Grade Time Word Problems Mystery Pictures Cover4th grade time word problems mystery pictures coloring worksheets

Your students can uncover images of an alarm clock and a watch if they answer all word problems correctly.

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