Math Worksheets

Back To School - Math Coloring Worksheets Bundle

Make the first days of school fun for your students with these back-to-school coloring worksheets. 

This is a bundle of our individual Back to School (BTS) - math mystery picture products:

  • Addition BTS Coloring Sheets
  • Subtraction BTS Coloring Sheets
  • Multiplication BTS Coloring Sheets
  • Division BTS Coloring Sheets
  • Place Value BTS Coloring Worksheets
  • Fractions BTS Coloring Worksheets
  • Decimals BTS Coloring Worksheets

This bundle also include three bonus mystery pictures for each of the math topics listed above (see details below)

*** These are for Grades 2-6. For K-2, click here.

How to Use

These are no-prep worksheets, so all you have to do is choose and print the right sheets for your class, and you're all set.

Have your students answer all the problems in the page and select the letter of their answers from the choices provided. Then, they color the squares on the grid to solve the mystery pictures. They can uncover images of a school bus, books, little kids, and more.

What You'll Get

You will receive all the printable worksheets. Just choose and print the right version for your class.

  • Adding 2-digit and 1-digit numbers
  • Adding two 2-digit numbers
  • Adding two 3-digit numbers
  • Subtracting 2-digit and 1-digit numbers
  • Subtracting two 2-digit numbers
  • Subtracting two 3-digit numbers
  • Multiplying 1-digit x 1-digit numbers
  • Multiplying 2-digit x 1-digit numbers
  • Multiplying 3-digit x 1-digit numbers
  • Dividing 2-digit / 1-digit numbers
  • Dividing 3-digit / 1-digit numbers
  • Dividing 4-digit / 1-digit numbers
Place Value
  • Expanded Form
  • Word Form (Number Names)
  • Rounding
  • Adding Fractions
  • Subtracting Fractions
  • Multiplying Fractions
  • Dividing Fractions
  • Adding Decimals
  • Subtracting Decimals
  • Multiplying Decimals
  • Dividing Decimals

All the versions include the mystery pictures. If answered correctly, your students will uncover the following images: 

  1. Girl with a bag
  2. Pencil
  3. Apple and a worm
  4. Back To School letters
  5. School
  6. School Bus
  7. Books


This bundle includes three additional that your kids will enjoy uncovering.

  • Boy with a backpack
  • Boy with glasses and a book
  • Giraffe themed ruler