Coloring Pages

Christmas Division Coloring Worksheets

Let your students have fun dividing numbers. With these Christmas coloring pages, your kids will be motivated to answer all division problems so they can solve the mystery picture.  

How to Use

You don't need any further preparation for this activity. All you have to do is print the coloring worksheets, and you're ready to go.

Your students must answer all division problems correctly. After that, they match the letter of their answers and then color the squares to solve the mystery picture.

*** These are for Grades 3-5. For K-2, click here.

What You'll Get

You will get three versions of printable worksheets -- each with a different set of division problems.

  1. Dividing 2-digit x 1 digit numbers
  2. Dividing 3-digit x 1 digit numbers
  3. Dividing 4-digit x 1 digit numbers

    The types of problem include:

    • Find the quotient 
    • Finding the missing dividend or divisor
    • Finding the missing dividend, divisor or quotient

    Choose and print the right type of problem that you want your students to work on. 

    There are seven images included. If your kids answered all division problems correctly, they would uncover these pictures related to Christmas:

    • Gingerbread Man
    • Christmas Tree
    • Santa Claus
    • Candy Cane
    • Gifts
    • Snowman
    • Socks

    If you also want other skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value, fractions, and decimals, check out the Christmas Math coloring worksheets bundle. The bundle also includes three additional mystery pictures.