Place Value - Knock on the Door Game

Let your students have fun with this Knock on the Door place value board game. This printable place value activity would keep your kids engaged as they learn place value.

How to Play

The objective of the game is to be the first player to reach 100 by rolling a die and moving across the board from one square to another.

Along the way, players may knock on the doors to pass through a shortcut and move ahead further... or in some cases, experience misfortunes and move a few steps back. They do this by answering a question behind the doors (cards).

What You'll Get

You will receive the printable files so you can create the following:

1. Game Board

The game board comes in two variations -- one, as a letter-sized board, and two, a large board composed of 2 letter-sized sheets. Players start at the bottom of the board and make their way up to the top and reach 100.

2. Tens and Hundreds Playing Cards

There are two sets of cards that your kids can play with:

  • Tens Game - 56 cards
  • Hundreds Game - 56 Cards

The questions on the card varies, and it allows students to a) count hundreds, tens or ones, b) rewrite numbers to standard, word, and expanded forms, and c) count blocks.

3. Die and Game Piece Patterns

You can use a typical die to play this game, but I included patterns for 6-sided and 12-sided die that you can opt to use. Patterns for game pieces are also included for you to print and cut out.