Printable Place Value Charts - Whole Numbers and Decimals

This is a collection of several place value charts. You can download it for free, and if you want to recommend any changes, just contact us so we can update the files.

What You'll Get

You will receive two printable PDF files.

  • The first file includes full-page charts - These charts are great for posters and math centers and are recommended to be laminated.
  • The second file includes half-page charts - These are smaller charts that you can cut and paste -- perfect for interactive notebooks.

Both files include the types and range of charts described below.

Types of Place Value Charts

There are four types of charts for you to choose from. Just print the type of chart that fits your preference.

  • Chart with abbreviation and place value (colored)
  • Chart with abbreviation and place value (black and white)
  • Chart with place value and base ten representation (colored)
  • Chart with place value and base ten representation (black and white)

The colored pages are great if you want your material to last for a long time. Ideally, you would want to laminate these charts.

The black and white versions are perfect if you want to reproduce several copies for your students. 

place value chartsPlace Value Charts - Colored Version
place value charts printable black and whitePrintable Place Value Charts - Black & White
international place value chartsInternational Place Value Charts
blank place value chartBlank Place Value Chart - Black & White

Chart Range

The charts included in this packet have different ranges. Choose the right pages that match your requirements before you print any page.

Note that all charts include a comma to separate groups of hundreds to help your students read the numbers and understand the place value concept better.

Whole Number Place Value

  • Charts from Ones to Millions
  • Charts from Ones to Billions
  • Charts from Ones to Hundred Billions
place value chart to millionsPlace Value Charts - Up to Millions
place value chart to billionsPlace Value Charts - Up to Billions
place value chart to hundred billionsPlace Value Charts - Up to Hundred Billions

Decimal Place Value Charts

  • Millions to Thousandths
  • Billions to Hundredths
  • Billions to Ten-Thousandths
  • Hundred Billions to Hundred Thousandths

Note: All decimal place value charts include a properly labeled decimal point. Two of the version includes a reminder to read the decimal point as "and".

decimal place value chartDecimal Place Value Chart - Colored
hundredths place value chartDecimal Place Value Chart - Hundredths
thousandths place value chartDecimal Place Value Chart - Thousandths

How to Use

  1. Choose the place value charts that fit your requirements. We recommend choosing only the section/pages that you need before you print anything.
  2. Print your selection. Remember that you can print the full page or half page versions.
  3. You can laminate the charts if you plan to re-use and protect your materials. Students can then write on the chart and erase as necessary.
  4. Alternatively, you can cut the half-page charts and let your students paste it in their interactive notebooks.


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