Multiplication Charts

This is a collection our printable multiplication charts. The charts come in colored and black & white versions. Just choose and print the right version that fits your requirements and teaching style.

If you prefer multiplication tables in square, grid form, click here

What You'll Get

You will receive a printable PDF file. In all, there are 5 multiplication charts in this packet.

The first four charts are full-page charts. You can laminate these and use as posters.

The last type are charts in a bookmark strip. You can cut out the strips of the multiplication facts that you want your student to memorize. This helps if you don't want to overwhelm them with too many facts.

  1. Multiplication Chart from 1 to 10 - Colored Version
  2. Multiplication Chart from 1 to 10 - Black and White Version
  3. Multiplication Chart from 1 to 12 - Colored Version
  4. Multiplication Chart from 1 to 12 - Black and White Version
  5. Multiplication Charts in Bookmark Strips

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