Place Value Math-O Bingo Games

This is a collection of place value bingo games that you can use in your class to teach place value concepts from tens to billions.

With this bundle, you can:

  • Have a resource flexible enough to teach place value from tens to billions, and even decimal places
  • Let them understand standard, expanded, and word forms
  • Save time working on your teaching materials
  • Have a fun-filled activity in class

What You'll Get

You will receive a printable file so you can create these materials. There are 5 games included in this packet:

Game #1: Math Match

• Math-O Math Match call chips/call sheet
• Math-O Math Match game cards (35 cards)

This is a game on 2-digit numbers. Students will need to prepare their game cards by re-writing the given numbers to their standard form (base ten numeral). These numbers are randomly written in their expanded forms, word forms, picture form (rods and cubes) or represented as tens and ones in words.

Game #2: 3-Digit Trio

• Math-O 3 Digit Trio call chips or call sheet
• Math-O 3 Digit Trio game cards (40 cards)

This is a 3-digit number game. Students are asked to prepare their game cards by rewriting the given three numbers to their standard form (base ten numeral). As a game master, you have the option to call out the chips in two ways -- either by value or place value. For instance, calling 30 as 'Thirty' or 'Three Tens'.

Game #3: What's Your Lucky Number?

• Math-O What’s Your Lucky Number call chips/call sheet and call chart
• Math-O What’s Your Lucky Number blank game cards (hundreds to billions)

This is a flexible game -- from hundreds place value to billions. Students are asked to write their own lucky number. The goal of the game is to mark all the digits, forming a horizontal pattern.

Game #4: Math-O Classic

• Math-O Classic call cards (35 cards)
• Math-O Classic game cards (30 cards)
• PowerPoint file (One call card per slide)

This is a classic bingo game. Winners are those who complete the patterns of a 5x5 bingo (ex. large X, large square, diamond, blackout, etc). Play Math-O by drawing a card, calling out the number and the form required. You can make some variations by asking the students to draw the chips and read the numbers instead, or buy using the PowerPoint file to flash the call cards one at a time.

Game #5: Math-O Classic - Decimals

• Math-O Classic: Decimals call chips (36 chips)
• Math-O Classic: Decimals game cards (60 cards -- 30 in words, 30 in numbers)

This is another classic game, but with decimals. There are two types of game cards -- one, written in numbers, and the second, in word form. Students are challenged by listening carefully on how the number is read by the game master. The first one to complete the pattern (ex. large square, diamond, large X, blackout, etc) wins!