Place Value Hidden Picture Coloring Worksheets

These are place value mystery pictures coloring worksheets. Students are asked to answer the place value questions, and then they color the boxes on the coloring sheets based on those answers. If answered correctly, they should uncover the mystery pictures.

What You'll Get

You will receive the printable file. There are 5 sets in this packet, with different levels of difficulty. Each set has five worksheets and coloring pages. 

Set 1: 2-digit numbers. Match the two columns (blocks vs standard form)

Coloring Grid Size: 10 x 10 square
Mystery Pictures: heart, arrow, dollar sign, greater than sign, number 18

Set 2: 2-digit numbers. Fill in the blanks and choose the answer from the box

Coloring Grid Size: 16 x 16 square
Mystery Pictures: sun, umbrella, orange, house, apple

Set 3: 3-digit numbers. Match two columns (blocks/hundreds, tens and ones vs standard form)

Coloring Grid Size: 24 x 24 square
Mystery Pictures: calculator, carrot, crayon, paperclip, pencil

Set 4: 3-digit numbers. Match two columns (blocks/HTO/word form/expanded form/HT vs standard form)

Coloring Grid Size: 32 x 32 square
Mystery Picturesbee, duck, owl, ladybug, flower

At the end of each section, you'll find the answer keys for the worksheets and the hidden picture coloring sheet.