2D and 3D Shapes Worksheets Bundle

This is a bundle of our 2D and 3D Shapes and Objects packets.

  1. 2D Shapes
  2. 3D Shapes

What You'll Get

You will receive no-prep printable worksheets. Just print and you're ready to go!

This bundle includes the following exercises:

2D Shapes:

  1. Identifying 2D Shapes - Identify the shape. Write the letter of the correct answer from the choices provided.
  2. Counting Shapes - Count the shapes on the picture and write the answer on the blank
  3. Open and Closed Shapes - Color all closed shapes.
  4. Sides and Corners - Count the number of sides and corners.  Encircle the answer.
  5. Matching Objects with Geometric Shapes - Draw a line to match real-world objects to the 2D Shapes.
  6. Grouping Shapes - Color the shapes that do not belong to the group.
  7. Color the objects that matches the given shapes.

3D Shapes:

  1. Match the Columns:  Draw a line to match objects and shapes
  2. Identifying 3D shapes
  3. Color the shapes that belong to the group
  4. Identify and color the shape that does not belong to the group
  5. 3D Shapes Flash Cards - Shapes and Objects
    • Cone - Ice Cream Cone
    • Cube - Box
    • Cylinder - a Can
    • Rectangular Prism - Building
    • Pyramid - Pyramids of Egypt
    • Triangular Prism - Slice of Cheese
    • Sphere - Ball
    • Hemisphere - Igloo
    • Triangular Pyramid
    • Pentagonal Prism