2nd Grade Word Problems Mystery Pictures Coloring Worksheets Bundle

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This is the bundle of all our 2nd-grade word problems coloring worksheets. It includes all these no-prep mystery pictures products:

  1. Addition word problems
  2. Subtraction word problems
  3. Two-step word problems
  4. Length Word Problems
  5. Money Word Problems
  6. Interpreting Data - Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs

What You'll Get

You will receive all the printable word problems worksheets for grade 2 in this bundle, including the questionnaires, coloring pages, and answer keys.

The sets in this bundle are:

1. Addition Word Problem

Sets 1-3: One-step addition word problems (within 100)
Sets 4-5: One-step addition word problems (within 1,000)

The mystery pictures to be uncovered are:
- Soccer ball and goal, Tennis racket and ball, Trophies, Unicycle, Volleyball

2. Subtraction Word Problems

Sets 1-3: Subtraction word problems (within 100)
Sets 4-5: Subtraction word problems (within 1,000)

The mystery pictures to be uncovered are:
- Boy on a skateboard, Girl, Boy Superhero, Swimmer, Girl Pirate

3. Two-Step Word Problems

Sets 1-2: Addition and Addition
Sets 3-5: Addition and Subtraction/Addition

The mystery pictures to be uncovered are:
- Giraffe, Panda, Dog, Lion, Rabbit

4. Length Word Problems

Sets 1-2: Length - Addition word problems
Sets 3-4: Length - Subtraction word problems
Set 5: Length - Addition and subtraction word problems

The mystery pictures to be uncovered are:
- Red monster, Green monster, Blue monster, Brown monster, Purple monster

5. Money

Sets 1-2: If you have... How many cents/dollars do you have?
Sets 3: Yes/No Word problem (i.e. Does have enough money to buy?)
Set 4-5: Money word problems

The mystery pictures to be uncovered are:
- Castle, Dragon, King, Knight, Shield

6. Bar Graph and Picture Graph

Sets 1-2: Picture Graph
Sets 3-5: Bar Graphs

The mystery pictures to be uncovered are:
- Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Boy, Dancing Boy, Girl Playing on a Scooter

This is part of the Second Grade Math Mystery Pictures Mega Bundle, which includes other topics such as place value, addition, subtraction and more.


Grade Level: Grade 2
Type of Resource: Activities, Bundles, Coloring Pages, Coloring Worksheets, Mystery Pictures, Word Problems, Worksheets
Subject/Topic: Addition, Measurement, Money, Subtraction, Time, Addition No Regrouping, Addition With Regrouping, Bar Graph, Length / Distance, Picture Graph, Subtraction No Regrouping, Subtraction With Regrouping, Two Step Word Problem
File type:  ZIP
No. of pages: 114 pages

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