Fraction to Decimal Task Cards and Worksheets Bundle

This is a bundle of our fraction to decimals worksheets and mystery pictures task cards/flip cards with coloring pages.

  1. Fraction to decimal mystery pictures task cards/flip cards
  2. Fraction to decimal worksheets


You will receive printable files that you can cut-out to create the task cards/flip cards. This product has 3 sets. Each set has 12 cards, an answer/coloring sheet, and the answer key. 

The sets included in this product are:

Set 1:  Converting Fraction to Decimal
Mystery Picture: BOY WITH BALLOON

Set 2: Converting Decimal to Fraction
Mystery Picture - GIRL WAVING HELLO

Set 3: Converting Fraction to Decimal / Decimal to Fraction
Mystery Picture - SOCCER PLAYER

The cards are laid out in each page so you can create either:

a) Long, horizontal cards with both the questions and choices on one side , OR
b) Back-to-back cards with the questions in front and the choices at the back.


This is a collection of practice worksheets for converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. These are classic worksheets suitable for practice, intervention class, substitutes, and homework. 

This product contains 2-page PDF files (worksheet and answer key), grouped by topics and exam types.  Each group has 15 unique worksheets, organized and labeled into folders. Just pick a worksheet, print it and be ready for class.

  1. Convert fractions to decimals
  2. Convert decimals to fractions
  3. Random fraction to decimal / decimal to fraction conversion

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