Least Common Denominator (LCD) Task Cards and Worksheets Bundle

This is a bundle of our LCD mystery picture task cards/flip cards and least common denominator worksheets.

  1. LCD Mystery Pictures Task Cards
  2. LCD Worksheets


Let your kids enjoy finding the least common denominator (LCD) of fractions with these task cards/flip cards. After answering all the questions in the cards, your kids will have fun working on the coloring page to uncover the mystery picture. 

You will receive the printable file. This packet has two sets, with each set having 12 cards, an answer/coloring page, and the answer key.

The sets included in this product are:

Set 1:  Find the LCD of 2 Fractions & Rewriting Fractions Over a Common Denominator
Mystery Picture: ARCHER

Set 2: Find the LCD of 2 Fractions & Rewriting Fractions Over a Common Denominator
Mystery Picture - BOY'S FACE

The cards are laid out on each page so you can create either (1) long, horizontal cards with both the questions and choices on one side, OR (2) back-to-back cards with the questions in front and the choices at the back.


This is a collection of our least common denominator (LCD) worksheets. These are basic worksheets that are great for homework, sub-plans and practice. 

You will receive several printable 2-page files containing the worksheet and the answer key. There are two types of tests in this packet. Students are required to identify the least common denominator of the given numbers.

  1. Find the LCD of 2 Numbers
  2. Find the LCD of 3 Numbers

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