Adding Decimals Task Cards and Worksheets Bundle

This is a bundle of our task cards/flip cards and worksheets on adding decimals. 

  1. Adding Decimals Task Cards
  2. Adding Decimals Worksheets


These are printable task cards/flip cards that can help your kids practice adding decimals. The mystery picture coloring activity after answering all the questions would help motivate your students to finish the whole activity.

There are 3 versions in this product for differentiation. Each version has 3 sets -- with 12 cards, an answer/coloring sheet, and the answer key.

Version A - Adding decimals with 1 decimal place
Version B - Adding decimals with 2 decimal places
Version C - Adding decimals with 3 decimal places

The sets included in this product are:

Set 1: Multiple Choice. Numbers are aligned
Mystery Picture: BONFIRE

Set 2: Multiple Choice. Numbers are written in word form
Mystery Picture - KETTLE

Set 3: Add the decimals, then choose the letter of the answer from the 'choice box' card
Mystery Picture - LAMP

The cards for sets 1 and 2 are laid out in each page so you can create either:

a) Long, horizontal cards with both the questions and choices on one side , OR
b) Back-to-back cards with the questions in front and the choices at the back.


This is a collection of practice worksheets on adding decimals. These are classic worksheets suitable for practice, intervention class, substitutes, and homework.  Just pick a worksheet, print it and be ready for class.

  1. Adding Aligned Decimals, up to 2 Decimal Places
  2. Adding Aligned Decimals, up to 3 Decimal Places
  3. Adding Aligned Decimals, up to 4 Decimal Places
  4. Adding Decimals - Horizontal (solution required), up to 2 Decimal Places
  5. Adding Decimals - Horizontal (solution required), up to 3 Decimal Places
  6. Adding Decimals - Horizontal (solution required), up to 4 Decimal Places
  7. Adding Decimals - Horizontal (answers only), up to 2 Decimal Places
  8. Adding Decimals - Horizontal (answers only), up to 3 Decimal Places
  9. Find the Missing Addend or Sum, up to 2 Decimal Places
  10. Find the Missing Addend or Sum, up to 3 Decimal Places
  11. Adding 3 Decimal Numbers, up to 3 Decimal Places
  12. Adding 3 Decimal Numbers - Two Sums, up to 3 Decimal Places

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