4th Grade Multiplication Word Problems Mystery Pictures Coloring Worksheets / Task Cards

These are multiplication word problem coloring worksheets for 4th grade. Your kids will have fun answering the word problems in order for them to uncover the mystery picture. 

There are two types of materials that you can choose from -- task cards or ready-to-use worksheets. Both are included in this packet. Just select the medium that suits your preference. 

What You'll Get

This product has 3 sets -- each with a worksheet, 8 cards, two versions of answer/coloring sheet, and the answer key.

Set 1: Multiplicative Comparison Word Problems
Mystery Picture: KING

Set 2: 2-3 digits x 1 digit Multiplication
Mystery Picture - KNIGHT

Set 3: 3-4 digits x 1 digit and 2 digits x 2 digits Multiplication
Mystery Picture - QUEEN

To create variation, you may use a different medium and answer/coloring sheet for each set. Example: Set 1, you may print the worksheet and the first version of the answer sheet (NO PREP). For set 2, you may choose task cards, and so on.

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