Back To School - Multiplication Coloring Worksheets

Start the school year right with a fun activity for your kids. These back-to-school themed coloring worksheets will help make your students look forward to fun-filled math lessons throughout the school year.

How to Use

To reveal the mystery picture, your students have to answer all multiplication problems. After that, they need to choose the letter of their answers from a list and then color the squares. If done correctly, they will see beautiful images of school supplies, little kids and more.

This is a no-prep packet -- all you have to do is choose and print the right type of worksheets for your class. 

*** These are for Grades 2-5. For K-2, click here.

What You'll Get

You will receive all printable worksheets with multiplication problems. There are three versions included in this product:

  • Multiplying 1-digit x 1-digit numbers
  • Multiplying 2-digit x 1-digit numbers
  • Multiplying 3-digit x 1-digit numbers

Just choose and print the right one for your students. All versions include the seven images below.

  • A girl with a bag
  • School
  • School bus
  • A pencil
  • Apple and a worm
  • Back To School letters
  • Books
If you also want other math topics such as addition, subtraction, division, place value, fractions, and decimals, check out the back-to-school math coloring worksheets bundle.