4th Grade Perimeter Word Problems Mystery Pictures Coloring Worksheets / Task Cards

Let your 4th-grade kids have fun finding the perimeter of objects with these coloring worksheets. Kids love solving mysteries as it gives them extra motivation. They will enjoy uncovering the mystery picture after answering all the questions in this perimeter mystery picture activity.

There are two versions included in this packet. You can either use the worksheets or task cards. Just choose the right teaching medium that fits your preference.

What You'll Get

You will receive the printable file. There are 3 sets in this product, each with a questionnaire, 8 cards, two versions of answer/coloring sheet, and the answer key.

Set 1: Find the Perimeter or Length of a Side of a Rectangle
Mystery Picture: CHEF

Set 2: Perimeter of a Rectangle Word Problems
Mystery Picture: GNOME

Set 3: Perimeter of a Rectangle Word Problems
Mystery Picture: NINJA

You may also want to use a different medium and coloring sheet for each set. Example: For set 1, you may print the worksheet and the first version of the answer sheet (NO PREP). For set 2, you may choose task cards, and so on.

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