Fall / Autumn Subtraction Facts Color-By-Number

These are exciting subtraction color-by-number worksheets for your students this Fall/Autumn. They will find this activity fun, and they'll ask you for more.

How to Use

To solve the mystery picture, your students must first answer all the subtraction problems correctly. Then, they have to use their answers to color the squares and uncover the hidden images. 

This is a no-prep packet. You just have to choose and print the right version for your class, and you're ready to go. 

*** These are designed for K-2 students. For grades 2-6, click here.

What You'll Get

There are three versions of this packet, each with a different set of subtraction problems. You will receive all these color-by-number worksheets. Just print the pages that you want your students to answer.

  • Subtraction Facts
  • Subtracting Numbers Within 20 
  • 2-digit and 1-digit Subtraction

    The types of problems include solving for the difference of two numbers. Your kids will also be asked to find the missing number (subtrahend, minuend or difference) to complete the equation. 

    All versions include seven pictures related to Fall/Autumn. Your students could uncover these images after answering all the subtraction problems.

    1. Corn
    2. Fall
    3. Girl
    4. Leaf
    5. Pumpkin
    6. Tree
    7. 'Autumn' Sign

    If you want other skills such as addition, place value, number names, hundreds chart, counting, greater than/less than, and telling time, click here. You will also get extra pictures of a Boy with a Pumpkin, a Rake, and a Scarecrow.